Sunday, October 4, 2009

Confrence Time

Had an enjoyable night last night at Priesthood Session of Conference. Dad showed a little late but have always enjoyed sitting with him during conference. Talks that were given were very good. I must say I have never been a big fan of Ballard but I believe his talk last night about strengthening bonds between fathers and sons was spot on. Uchtdorf had a great talk on sticking through the hard times in our life, and Erying's talk on always being prepared and worthy when the lord calls or when the time comes was very good. Monson reminded us to hold dear our family ties and be quick to forgive and not get angry.....Todd and I are enjoying this morning's session of conference......feel free to post your thoughts about conference, I would like to know what others got out of the talks.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas Highlights

December was a fun month for us. It was one of the best years ever for Christmas. It was so fun to watch all of our kids be so excited about Santa coming.

Note: Make sure you explain to your five year old that Santa comes on Christmas Eve, not the same night you put up your tree. That way they are not disappointed the next day and think Santa forgot them. Oops.

We love having five pitches on our house. When we put the Christmas lights up, it makes it feel like we are living in a gingerbread house. . . and THAT makes it worth it to the one who had to climb the tall ladder to put them up (even though she is terrified of heights.)

Christmas Eve was filled with the traditional festivities including spending the evening with the Cranors. Some of the highlights were food (delicious), games, toys, musical numbers(little Erin, Lauren, Erin, Jared), poetry readings (Bud), and three terrible twos (Logan, Thomas and Tylee). All-in-all, it was most delightful!

Christmas Day was FANTASTIC! Santa left his bag of toys! I guess he was in such a hurry to get to all of the kids, he had no time to unpack. The kids thought it was awesome!

Todd and Trevor were delighted to get Nintendo DS's along with several games. Unfortunately, mom was addicted to Super Mario Brothers, so they had to share. :-)
For Thomas, Santa brought a helicopter. At one time, the blades went around when you pressed a button. That worked for about a day, or maybe it was an hour, I forget.

(Notice in his picture the big blue wad of gum? Yea, thanks Santa for giving each of our children their very own package of gum. Don't be surprised when we leave you some carpet cleaner solution next year instead of cookies so you can get that gum out of our carpet. :-) Love ya Santa! )

Our sweet Tylee got a doll accessory kit to go with her twin cabbage patch kids she got last year. Her cousin Tanner gave her another set of twins! Talk about wonder woman. . . You'll see a picture in a later post of what I'm referring to.
Apparently being a mother of twins is exhausting. . .(I second that!)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hailey - Halloween - Hilarious

It seems we've started our hibernation early this year with no post in four weeks. I guess better four weeks than four months. In order to get caught up, we need to show some pictures of recent events, starting with the most recent:

Disclaimer: Independent two-year-olds insist on dressing themselves.

Our new niece Miss Hailey came to visit a few weeks ago. What a sweet blessing she is. We love her so much.


Although we didn't go trick-or-treating together, we went up and took some picutes with the cousins.
Trevor (Spiderman) Garrison (Ben 10) Parker (dragon) Tylee (Thing 2) Todd (Headless horseman) Thomas (Thing 1) Sydnee (bee)

Pajamas - $10
Can of blue hairspray - $2
White paper and black marker - $0
The pictures- priceless
Remember that disclaimer. . .

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You better run Thomas!

Trevors loves this guy. . . loves scaring Thomas with him. :-) Ahh the joys of being an older brother.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Tribute to Chris: It's been 11 years! WOW!

A Tribute to my dear husband Chris. . .Of the 11 years we have been married, there are very few pictures of us together. Here are the ones I found:

Our Engagement 09/97

Idaho Falls Temple 4/98

June 2000 - Expecting Todd

Disneyland 3/03 When it was just Todd. . .(6 mo pregnant w/Trevor)

Snowmobiling . . . a day out together. 1/04

Sarah's graduation 5/04 (looks like I'm the only one smiling. . hmmm. . glad someone was happy.)

Fourth of July 2004
Fourth of July 2006

Sun Valley, ID 5/08 (When Todd won the Lion's Club essay contest)